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In spite of a sexual revolution, the pill, and the women’s movement, the sexual double standard is still alive and well. Men continue to have social approval to be sexually assertive, independent, and experienced, while women are expected to be sexually passive, dependent, and inexperienced. Fixed in non sexuality and a supporting role, most women seek security rather than new experiences and sexual gratification.
The way women are made to conform to this double standard is through the deprivation of sexual self-knowledge. Deprived of there own bodies, they have no way of discovering or developing sexual responses. At an early age, women are prohibited from touching their genitals with the threat of supernatural or real punishment. Information about the clitoris and life affirming orgasms is withheld, and women are instilled with the idea that female genitals are inferior; that a women’s main value lies in procreation and giving a man sexual pleasure. Without any sexual pleasure of her own, a woman may come to think of her genitals as being repulsive and a constant source of discomfort and shame. This kind of sexual repression is a vital aspect of keeping women in their “proper role.”
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