Sex for One 评价人数不足
读书笔记 第16页
The reality of traditional marriage and the romantic image of sex are a stormy combination. Couples unwittingly play power games with unstated rules and unwritten agreements.
In one game, the poor man is responsible for running the whole romantic fuck. Despite his own background of sexual repression and deprivation, he is expected to get an erection from her naked beauty, keep his erection, arouse her passions, and hold off his orgasm until she reaches hers. He’s required to do all this without any information about what really turns her on. The woman is passive, beautiful, and graceful while she waits for this incredible experience called orgasm, and when nothing happens, she concentrates on the romance.
In another game the poor woman is responsible for the man’s erection. She does oralsex to get him hard and remains focused exclusively on his pleasure. He gets on top and does what feels good for him, and she accommodates him, going into her act of passionate sounds to excite him all the more. He comes, she fakes it, and he dozes off holding her in his arms. She’s happy because she has pleased him, and she loves the closeness. He’s happy because her response has proved he’s a good lover, and he loves her loving him.
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