The Beauty Myth 8.4分
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Before reading I think:

Well again, like The Feminine Mystique, this is to state out a problem. What do feminists want? This time I want to recall but not involved my personal experiences into the reading. And make it a quick one. I don't want to just read the stories and get touched and then know nothing and think nothing at all. I want to grasp the basic arguments and reflect on those arguments.

What does a feminist movement need in order to make a change in terms of the Beauty Myth? What clamis can they make and what steps can they take? This is probably the primary question that I am interested in.

Okay, now lets start reading. 30 min, 3 chapters. Here we go.


An omnipresent body insecurity among women, personal experience, heated debate (e.g. no more than a misplaced priviledge-white-girl psychodrama?, unfeminine and un-American, ideal does not simply descend from heaven)

increasingly sexualized ideal, breast implant, pornography, anorexia and bulimia (edu and info provided but still wide-spread, become virtually normal), worry about aging, beauty-myth pluralism

The beauty myth, like many ideologies of femininity, mutates to meet new circumstances and checkmates women's attempts to increase their power.

The market, male beauty myth also


(Today many women have a sense of a measure of freedom without fearing that their value as a women or thier seriousness as a person is at stake)

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