three days to see 7.2分
读书笔记 第1页

1、If we have once seen, “the day is ours, and what the day has shown.”

2、 I came up out of Egypt and stood before Sinai, and a power divine touched my spirit and gave it sight, so that I beheld many wonders. And from the sacred mountain I heard a voice which said, “Knowledge is love and light and vision.”

3、Everything had a name, and each name gave birth to a new thought.

4、a look is often the very soul of what one says.

5、“there is nothing more capricious than the memory of a child: what it will hold, and what it will lose.”

6、Their eyes and ears take in all sights and sounds hazily,without concentration and with little appreciation.

7、My eye passes lightly over no single trifle; it strives to touch and hold closely each thing its gaze rests upon. Some sights are pleasant, filling the heart with happiness; but some are miserably pathetic. To these latter I do not shut my eyes, for they, too, are part of life. To close the eye on them is to close the heart and mind.

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