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读书笔记 Death and Memorial


Lawrence had requested that he be buried at the small cemetery near St. Nicolas Church in Moreton, not far from Clouds Hill. The pallbearers would be friends representing different aspects of his life. The chief pallbearer was Ronald Storrs, who had accompanied Lawrence when he first visited Hussein at the start of the Arab Revolt. Eric Kennington represented the arts, having produced magnificent portraits of Lawrence and his Arabs. Corporal Bradbury of the RAF had helped Lawrence working with the high-speed boats. Private Arthur Russell of the Tank Corps had enjoyed many evenings of classical music at Clouds Hill and remained a close friend. Stewart Newcombe represented his comrades who served with him in the Hejaz. Completing the honoured group was Pat Knowles, his neighbor from across the street.

Many of his friends came. Politicians and officers, artists, writers and privates made their way to the small church. (省略名单) One hymn was sung, Lawrence's favorite, "Jesu, Lover of my Soul." It was just a short walk to the cemetery. After the plain coffin was lowered into the plot, a young girl threw in a small bunch of violets. In the coffin his brother Arnold had already placed some pieces of grass from Akaba.


After Lawrence joined the Royal Air Force, almost all portrayals of him are in the common aircraftman's uniform. (省略)However, after Lawrence death, Kennington chooses this Arab Lawrence to portray, once again in sculpture, capturing the Medieval "Arab Knight," resting in recumbent effigy, with his head on a camel saddle, his hand on his dagger, with his favorite books by his side.

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