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‘It is true',he said,'that you cannot commit a crime and that the right arm of the law cannot lay its finger on you irrespective of the degree of your criminality. Anything you do is a lie,and nothing that happens to you is true.'
I nodded my agreement comfortably.
'For that reason alone,' said the Sergeant,'we can take you and hang the life out of you nad you are not hanged at all and there is no entry to be made in the death papers. The particular death you die is not even a death(which is an inferior phenomenon at the best)only an insanitary abstraction in the backyard, a piece of negative nullity neutralised and rendered void by asphyxiation and the fracture of the spinal string. If it is not a lie to say that you have been given the final hammer behind the barracks,equally it is true to say that nothing has happened to you.'
'You mean that because I have no name I cannot die and that you cannot be held answerable for death even if you kill me?'
'That is about the size of it,' said the Sergeant.
I felt so sad and so entirely disappointed that tears came into my eyes and a lump of incommunicable poignancy swelled tragically in my throat. I began to feel intensely every fragment of my equl humanity, The life that was bubbling at the end of my fingers ws real and nearly painful in the intensity and so was the beauty of my warm face and the loose humanity of my limbs and the racy health of my red rich blood.To leave it all without good reason and to smash the little empire into small fragments was a thing too pitiful even to refuse to talk about.

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