The Feminine Mystique 8.0分
读书笔记 The new life plan for women

The freedom ahead can be frightening, but women must face it and listen to her own inner voice

(so chicken-soupist)

To face the problem is not to solve it, but once she faces it she often finds the solution much easier than she anticipated

...stopped comforming to the conventional picture of femininity

it must be a job that she can take seriously as part of a life plan, work in which she can grow as part of society

then pressure from religions

career woman's guilt syndrome

ambition, like career, has been made a dirty word by the feminine mystique

The mystique would have women renounce ambition for themselves


The declining area of commitment to the world outside the home from 1942 on is a clear indication of the effect of the feminine mystique on educated women

both at the individual level or on a national scale change isn't easy

educators should say no to the feminine mystique

drastic steps must now be taken to re-educate the women who were deluded or cheated by the feminine mystique (who feel trapped)

--> a national educational program needed

--> for those who did not attend college or quit, an intensive concentrated re-immersion in the humanities

--> part-time unndergrad for housewives

--> new life plan

not only one or two far-sighted institutions, it must be accomplished on a much wider scale

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