The Epistles to the Colossians and to Philemon 评价人数不足
读书笔记 3:2
φρονεω means not merely to think but to have a settled way of understanding, to hold an opinion, to maintain an attitude.
τα τινοσ φρονειν is well knoen in the sense "take someone's side, espouse someong's cause".
This underscores the point, therefore, that what is commended is not an apocalyptic or mystical preoccupation with the furniture of heaven, as 3:1 could be taken to imply, but a cast of mind, a settled way of looking at things, a sustained devotion to and enactment of a life cause.
There is an orientation and manner of living which is firmly rooted to the ground, which looks no higher than satisfaction of physical appetites and social manipulation, however much it may be dressed up in fine phrases and high sentiments. This was probably the charge brought against the adherents to the Colossian "philosophy" in 2:23, and it is equally polemical here: their claim to participate in the worship of heaven in fact betrayed a very eathbound perspective, not least in its practical outworkings (2:20-23).
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