SchweserNotes™ 2017 Level II CFA® Book 5 评价人数不足
读书笔记 Revisions

What's Different from the Level II 2017 Readings?

Realizing that some candidates may want to use last year’s notes, we provide a high-level overview of the significant changes we made to the Level II curriculum.

One reading was rewritten and is essentially new for 2018:

•Reading 13: Currency Exchange Rates: Understanding Equilibrium Value by Michael R. Rosenberg and William A. Barker, CFA

Five readings were revised for 2018:

•Reading 9: Correlation and Regression

•Reading 23: Dividends and Share Repurchases

•Reading 27: Equity Valuation: Applications and Processes

•Reading 31: Free Cash Flow

•Reading 39: Credit Default Swaps

Revisions have also been made to correct errata, clarify text, or update terminology or standards. These revisions are not specifically tracked or listed.

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