The Feminine Mystique 8.0分
读书笔记 The forfeited self

basic human need to grow

This "will to power", "self-assertion", "dominance", or "autonomy," as it is variously called, does not imply aggression or competitive striving in the usual sense; it is the individual affirming his existence and his potentialities as a being in his own right; it is "the courage to be an individual."

the significant tense is the future

the evolving hierarchy of needs

self-esteem in woman, as well as in man, can only be based on real capacity, competence, and achievement; on deserved respect from others rather than unwarranted adulation

the higher dominance that a woman embodied, the happier she was, and the less she was self-centreed and the more her concerns was directed outward to other people and to problems of the world

on the other hand, the main preoccupation of the more conventionally feminie low-dominace women was themselves adn thier own inferiorities

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Maslow found in his study that self-actualizing people invariably have a commitment, a sense of mission in life that makes them live in a very large human world, a frame of reference beyond privatism and preoccupation with the petty details of daily life.

If women do not put forth, finally, that effort to become all that they have it in them to become, they will forfeit their own humanity

Only by such a personal commitment to the future can American women break out of the housewife trap and truly find fulfillment as wives and mothers--by fulfilling their own unique possibilities as separate human beings.

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