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2:20 - the "down side" of 2:12 (you were buried with Christ)
3:1 - the "up side" (you were raised with him)


The event of death-and-resurrection was two sided for Christ himself (2:15); a message of the cross without the resurrection would not be gospel, and a call to embrace the implications of the cross without a call also to embrace the implications of the resurrection would be poor teaching.
The message of the resurrection has equally positive corollaries for the believer's daily life, which have to be spelled out to provide a sufficient counterweight to the evident attractiveness of the more tradidtional Jewish lifestyle: "If, therefore,..." in the sense of "Since it is the case that..."
As in 2:12, the language is metaphorical and not literal. The resurrection with Christ in a resurrection like Christ's still lay as much in the future as it had in the earlier treatment in Romans6. The very fact that an exhortation to "seek what is above" was required and needed to be repeated (3:2) is sufficient indication that what was in mind was a change of perspective, not (yet) a (complete) ontological change.
It is the sort of change which follows from complete identification with another person or cause, when the service of that person or cause becomes all-consuming, the basic determiner of all priorities, the bubbling spring of a motivation, resolution, and application which perseveres despite even repeated setbacks....What the Pauline gospel offered and emphasized by means of its passive formulations was the epromise that the change was not self-contrived but rather enabled and brought about by divine grace, the same divine grace which had raised Jesus from the dead (cf. 2:12 with Rom.8:11).
The key factor: Christ has been raised and exalted to sit on God's right in heaven. The language is formulaic, clearly echoing Ps.110:1, which provided such a good explanation of what had become of fthe resurrected Jesus.
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