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前几天还在想拜星教徒是什么妖蛾子,原来是歌罗西教会的假教师= =……

...the emphasis in the letter on "wisdom"(1:9,28; 2:3,23; 3:16; 4:5), "insight"(1:9; 2:2), and "knowledge"(1:6,9-10; 2:2-3; 3:10) and the references to "the elements of the universe"(2:8,20), ... the angels of 2:18 and the cosmic power of 2:10 and 15.
...(assumption) the knowledge is concerned with the latter (cosmic elements, etc.), and dthat is only by establishing a right relationship with the cosmic powers that one can "gain entry" to the "pleroma"(2:9) and participate in the divine fullness(2:10). "Man can ber suffused with the divine 'fulness' only after he proves himself subservient to the angels and powers inthe 'worship of angels'."
...the observance of regulations and ascetical practice is enjoined by the philosophy(2:16,21,23)... but the philosophy took he form of a mystery cult, with talk of circumcision in 2:11 pointing to a "decisive act of initiation" and εμβατευειν in 2:18 indicating initiatory mystery rites.

(cited from Lohse, Colossians and Philemon, pp.127-131)

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