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读书笔记 Reddit杰宝选美大赛

当Ellen在Reddit当高管的时候,曾经偶然听到一帮男同事在热烈讨论杰宝的颜色形状大小以及what makes each attractive。Ellen简直要抓狂了,赶紧给当时的CEO Yishan写信告状。CEO回信:这帮龟儿子已经讨论了90分钟了....

然后Ellen写了一封company-wide email:有些东西工作场合不能谈,我们有女性来面试,一会儿还有高中生来参观,你们完全不象话!


I think the conversation in the office today shouldn’t be characterized as penis jokes. There was an animated debate about penises and female breasts in the office today, but there was actually a ton of substance to the initial topic and the ensuing debate. (We were debating an assertion I’d made in a past conversation that the female breast is “objectively” aesthetically superior to the penis.) The discussion touched on a ton of really interesting topics like cultural relativism, gender relativism, Egyptian hieroglyphics, perception, philosophy around absolute aesthetics, and even what constitutes a visual symbol. What’s remarkable about it is that I don’t think it ever really got into crude labeling or sexually charged discussion—we actually spent a good deal of time just talking about what body parts look like, visually. I think the reason the discussion actually got so many people going for so long was because there was depth to it. I think it would be fair to say this was a very different vibe from your typical brogrammer yammering. I also think that it’s really healthy that we can have such a discussion in the office, because in reality we encounter a lot of really sensitive and difficult topics on the site. A large part of reddit is an extremely popular porn website, but more importantly, there are at times really difficult calls that need to be made about peoples’ [sic] bodies and the ways they’re exposed via our platform. I feel like I work with a bunch of people uncommonly comfortable with discussing sensitive topics, and I think to some extent that comes with the territory.
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读到这儿,我已经彻底无语了,Ellen也无语了。她写道: I can't believe this is what my life has come to....


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