The Eagle Unbowed 评价人数不足
读书笔记 Preface

This book is not a personal family narrative, but the things that members of my family went through help to illustrate the myriad of Polish experiences in the Second World War, covering practically everything apart from the Holocaust itself – occupation, imprisonment, deportation, starvation, forced labour, living in hiding, service in the Armia Krajowa and the Underground Government, fighting in both the communist Polish Army and the II Corps; the bizarre combination of fighting the Germans one week and volunteering for work in Germany the next; fleeing Poland to become a refugee in Switzerland; being shipped to Britain to form a new life there; and being repatriated to western Poland from exile in the Soviet Union and from their homes in the former eastern provinces of Poland. Their experiences, and those of many others in this book, illustrate the extreme stresses of Polish life during the war, the critical decisions that had to be taken, the terrible role of sheer chance, the consequences of their actions and the results. What they all have in common is the simple desire to survive under the most difficult circumstances.

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