The English National Character 评价人数不足
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This book begins around the time of Edmund Burke because Burke is often thought of as the great progenitor of modern thinking about Englishness and because his era the era of the French Revolution did produce directly a strong idea of national character in France and Germany. But the English reaction to the French Revolution, coupled with the multi-national and multi-ethnic nature of the United Kingdom and the British Empire, meant that in Burke's own time these wider loyalties were strengthened and the idea of national character remained undeveloped, Burke's own Irish origins posing a typical complication. It would take another generation, when a kind of democratic thinking began to blend with thinking about the "nation" around 1830, before the idea of national character in England began to flower. Conversely, when democrats after 1830 began to think in terms of an English national character, anti-democrats and imperialists continued to resist the idea as incompatible with the hierarchical and multi-ethnic political entity with which they identified.

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