Appetites: Why Women Want 评价人数不足
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"The underlying questions of appetite, after all, are formidable--What would satisfy? How much do you need, and of what? What are the true passions, the real hungers behind the ostensible goals of beauty or slenderness?...We have what might be called post-feminist appetites, whetted and encouraged by a generation of opened doors and collapsed social structures, but not always granted unequivocal support or license, not always stripped of their traditional alarm bells and warnings, and not yet bolstered by a deeper sense of entitlement."

(41) "Wanting is a frightening thing, especially if you lack models for it, or permission to act on wants, or a sense that your own desires are valid and good and satiable. Not wanting, by contrast, can be far easier, at least in the short term. Long before I began to flirt with starving...I suspect I'd learned a good deal about curbing appetites, disguising them, molding them into acceptable shapes and forms...I learned to tolerate my father's unnerving remoteness and preoccupation, to anticipate the leaden silence that descended when we found ourselves alone together in a room...I also learned to be furtive about the world of pleasure

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