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读书笔记 Theories of mate selection

A central feature of couple relationships in canada->romantic love and romance

Most people in canada declare that they chooses their spouse for love.

But, mate selection is a complex process

Complementary needs theory: people choose mates different from themselves; (missing pieces)

Gender role in this theory: man and woman are different, person alone are incomplete

Exchange theory: give and take;

-Expressive exchanges(emotions, sexual pleasure, friendship, empathy)

-Instrumental exchanges(material support)

According to this theory, marriage is given and take, you give something and take something else.(e.g. idea of split the bill) social class/status and economic power are important and rooted in this theory: rich and poor can’t have the balance relationship.

An evolutionary perspective: gendering roles. People need reproduction and survival of offspring.(the idea of family name and bloodline, women need to have children because of reproduction.-biological clock. (Assume all women want to be a mother) Also to pass the name down.-men and women have to have a children) power of women is related to the capacity of having a children.

Social role theory: socialization and “love”, according this theory, women and men are socialized to “love” partners who are congruent 一致的with gendered social distinctions. What we expect from our soulmate are vague, but some criteria are very common. Love is social contruction-how do we think the idea of attractive/handsome man and beautiful woman.(we learned gendered. The heterosexual narrative of gender and what is men and women.

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