Cruel Optimism 7.8分
读书笔记 introduction
鹿柴 excitement at the prospect of "the change that's gonna come." Or, the change that is not going to come: one of optimism's ordinary pleasures is to induce conventionality, that place where appetites find a shape in the predictable comforts of the good-life genres that a person or a world has seen fit to formulate. But optimism doesn't just manifest an aim to become stupid or simple-often the risk of attachment taken in its throes manifests and intelligence beyond rational calculation.
Whatever the experience of optimism is in particular, then, the affective structure of an optimistic attachment involves a sustaining inclination to return to the scene of fantasy that enables you to expect that this time, nearness to this thing will help you or a world to become different in just the right way.

This kind of desire, will build up a relation between the one and the thing they attached to, which will actually ignore the outcome.

Such that a person or a world finds itself bound to a situation of profound threat that is, at the same time, profoundly confirming.
At center of ths project, though, is that moral-intimate-economic thing called "the good life."

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