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读书笔记 4 - Visibility


Fantasy is a place where it rains (from the heavens).

2. Cinema

In the cinema the image we see on the screen has also passed through the stage of a written text, has then been "visualized" in the mind of the director, then physically reconstructed on the set, and finally fixed in the frames of the film itself. A film is therefore the outcome of a succession of phases, both material and otherwise, in the course of which the images acquire from.

3. Inevitably -

Even in reading the most technical scientific book or the most abstract book of philosophy, one can come across a phrase that unexpectedly stimulates the visual imagination.

4. anthropomorphism

Although science interests me just because of its efforts to escape from anthropomorphic knowledge, I am nonetheless convinced that our imagination cannot be anything but(italicized) anthropomorphic.

5. three modes of imagination: an instrument of knowledge; an identification with the world soul; a repertory of what is potential, what is hypothetical, of what does not exist and has never existed, and perhaps will never exist but might have existed.

6. loss of imagination in current times

We are bombarded today by such a quantity of images that we can no longer distinguish direct experience from what we have seen for a few seconds on television. The memory is littered wth bits and pieces of images, like a rubbish dump, and it is more and more unlikely that any one form among so many will succeed standing out.
If I have included visibility in my list of values to be saved, it is to give warning of the danger we run in losing a basic human faculty: the power of bringing visions into focus with our eyes shut, of bringing forth forms and colors from the lines of black letters on a white page, and in fact of thinking in terms of images.

7. multiplicity = indefinable, indecidable; useless to escape the vortex of multiplicity

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