The Book of Change 8.1分
读书笔记 第108页

"Lure had not understood then but she did now seeing her mother cry. Although the chain had broken it still paralyzed her with a prickly feeling all over. The most reliable person in the world was crying, the sky had darkened and was about to fall, just as if she was still a child. She misunderstands, Lute thought, she thinks it's the men that turned me against her. I must tell her I don't think that way at all. Lute thought like the books she read, Shaw and Wells, except that to her the question of chastity was purely academic. If it concerned herself or somebody really close to her she might see it the Chinese way but in her mother's case she was purely rational. What difference does it make if she has affairs? Who is there for her river faithful to, she thought. But how am I to tell her that it isn't this at all. Then what is it? I just don't like her? No, it's better to let her think it's this. Being Chinese she will think it's only right that I should feel this way. She'll be resigned. There is a beauty and dignity in seeing one's self as a sinner."


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