Six Memos for the Next Millennium 9.5分
读书笔记 2 - Quickness

1. Sagredo

But above all stupendous inventions, what eminence of mind was his who dreamed of finding means to communicate his deepest thoughts to any other person, no matter how far distant in place and time? Of speaking with those who are in India, of speaking with those who are not yet born and will not be born for a thousand or ten thousand years? And with what facility? All by using the various arrangements of twenty little characters on a page!


In an age when other fantastically speedy, widespread media are triumphing, and running the risk of flattening all communication onto a single, homogeneous surface, the function of literature is communication between things that are different simply because they are different, not blunting but even sharpening the differences between them, following the true bent of written language.

3. repetition, digression = human attempts to slow down the course of time

4. festina lente. hurry slowly. dolphin and anchor. butterfly and crab.

5. Jorge Luis Borges -

The idea that came to Borges was to pretend that the book he wanted to write had already been written by someone else, some unknown hypothetical author - an author in a different language, of a different culture - and that his task was to describe and review this invented book.


In the even more congested times that await us, literature must aim at the maximum concentration of poetry and of thought.

7. He ended the essay with a Chinese story - Zhuangzi drawing the crab

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