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The Unites States, Romney said during one of the primary dates, had a president who “wants us to turn into a European-style welfare state and have government take from some to give to others.” Romney went on: “That will kill the the ability of America to provide for a prosperous future, to secure our freedom, and to give us the rights which have been incur Declaration of Independence and our constitution I believe in an America that’s based upon opportunity and freedom, not President Obama’s social welfare state.” Such comments were mystifying to me, and only after a while did I begin to understand that in the US the term “welfare” refers to the idea of being on welfare—in other words, being poor, without a job, and becoming a burden to society.
By comparison, in my own language of Finnish—which let me warn you, is a crazy looking language when it’s written down—the closest thing we have to the term “welfare state” would be the term hyvinvointivaltio. Literary, however, this term means “well-being state.” To be on welfare would be expressed with entirely different worlds, such as to “get support for getting by”. In 2013 the proportion of the Finnish population that received this benefit of last resort was only 7%. The programs are not entirely comparable, but by contrast, in 2013 the proportion of Americans who received some form of food stamps was more than double this, at 15%. InFinland, meanwhile, a larger share of the working-age population was actually employed than in the US. On the basis of these percentages, it’s a bit difficult to tell which country here is actually the “welfare state.”
For a Nordic citizen, then, what we call a well-being state doesn’t bring to mind things like getting free money without working. Our well-being state is there to make sure that citizens, all citizens, have equal opportunities for well-being—to pursue happiness, enjoy freedom, and achieve success.
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