Thinking Architecture, 2nd Edition 9.3分
读书笔记 Does Beauty Have a Form

We are in nature, in this immeasurable form that we will never understand, and now, in a moment ofheightened wxperience, no longer need to because we sense that we ourselves are part of it.

a con sonance of nature and artificially created work that is different from the pure beauty of nature - and different from the pure beauty of object. (自然与人工造物的协调,大自然的鬼斧与人类的智慧)

Whether the appearance that touches me really is beautiful cannot be preoberly judged by the form itself because the depth of feeling that belongs to the sensation of beauty is not ignited by the form as such but rather by the spark that jumps from it to me.

To achieve beauty i must be at one with myself, i must do my own thing and no other because the particular substance that recognizes beauty and can, with luck, create it lies within me.On the other hand , the things i want to create - table, house, bridge - must be allowed to come into theri own. i believe every well-made thing has an inherently appropriate order that determines its form.this essense is what i want to discover amnd i therefore stick fiermly to the matter at hand in the process of designing.

I believe in an accuracy of outlook and a truth content in real, sensual experience, which are beyond abstract opinions or ideas.

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