Shoe Dog 9.3分
读书笔记 1962
Setting aside money, setting aside safety concerns, the whole thing was just so impractical. I was aware that twenty-six of twenty seven new companies failed, and my father was aware, too, and the idea of taking on such a colossal risk went against everything he stood for. In many ways my father was a conventional Episcopa l'an, a believer in Jesus Christ. But he also worshipped another secret deity respectability. Colonial house, beautiful wife, obedient kids ,my father enjoyed having these things, but what he really cherished was his friends and neighbors knowing he had them. He liked being admired. He liked doing a vigorous backstroke each day in the mainstream. Going around the world on a lark, therefore, would simply make no sense to him. It wasn't done. Certainly not by the respectable sons of respectable men. It was something other people's kids did.Something beatniks and hipsters did.
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