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读书笔记 Chapter 3. Billboard Design 101


1.Conventions are your friends

For example, users expect the logo identifying the site to be in the top-left corner (at least in countries where reading is left-to-right) and the primary navigation to be across the top or down the left side.

CLARITY TRUMPS CONSISTENCY: If you can make something significantly clearer by making it slightly inconsistent, choose in favor of clarity.

2.Create effective visual hierarchies

The more important something is, the more prominent it is. Things that are related logically are related visually. Things are “nested” visually to show what’s part of what.

3.Break up pages into clearly defined areas

(Banner blindness—the ability of users to completely ignore areas they think will contain ads—is just the extreme case.)

4.Make it obvious what’s clickable

things like shape (buttons, tabs, etc.), location (in a menu bar, for instance), and formatting (color and underlining).

5.Keep the noise down to a dull roar

Users have varying tolerances for complexity and distractions; some people have no problem

with noisy pages, but many find them downright annoying.

Three different kinds of noise:

Shouting. (The truth is, everything can’t be important. Shouting is usually the result of a failure to make tough decisions about which elements are really the most important and then create a visual hierarchy that guides users to them first.)



6.Format text to support scanning

Use plenty of headings(1.If you’re using more than one level of heading, make sure there’s an obvious, impossible to-miss visual distinction between them. You can do this by making each higher level larger or by leaving more space above it. 2. Don’t let your headings float. Make sure they’re closer to the section they introduce than to the section they follow. This makes a huge difference.)

Keep paragraphs short.

Use bulleted lists.

Highlight key terms.

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