On the nature of representation 目前无人评价
读书笔记 1 Foundations: Encoding and Interactive Perspectives on Representation
Any structural correspondence involves two parts: a correspondence of basic elements and a orespondence of relationships among those elements. ... Encoding correspondences involves both element and relationship representations, with the elements in a foundational building-block role.

Representation is a functional concept. An encoding represents something only insofar as it can function as such a representatin for some agent. An encoding is presumed to represent to an agent what is and is not the case, and what is and is not possible, thereby influencing the processes and interactions of that agent. The point is that encodings are never representationally sufficient unto themselves; they always require an agent as an interpreter. Encodings are not only representations with respect to such interpreters, but also relative to interpreters and their interpretations: it is quite possible for a particular encoding to receive differing interpretations.
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