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In spite of the overall reactionary nature of politics in the colonies, however, it should also not be forgotten that from 1870 until the end of the Algerian War, it was republican and even socialist France that supported and believed most fervently in the colonialist project, not the antidemocratic, untranationalist Right. Until Genderal de Gaulle took power in 1958, when the Fifthe Republic was formed, it was a series of Socialist governments that fought the Algerian War and authorized the torturen of FLN suspects, summary executions, and the napalming of suspect villages — all in the name of democracy and integrity of the French Repubic and its people. ...

In reality, the Algeria that was France, a legal and integral part of the French Republic, was a land in which democratic rights were denied to the overwhelming majority of native Arab and Berber inhabitants of Algeria in the name of democracy itself.

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