Six Memos for the Next Millennium 9.5分
读书笔记 1 - Lightness

1. Guido Cavalcanti

Were I to choose an anspicious image for the new millenium, I would choose that oe: the sudden agile leap of the poet-philosopher who raises himself above the weight of the world, showing that with all his gravity he has the secret of lightness, and that what many consider to be the vitality of the times--noisy, agresive, revving and roaring--belongs to the realm of death, like a cemetery for rusty old cars.


We might say that thourhgout the centuries two opposite tendencies have competed in literature: one tries to make language into a weightless element that hovers above things like a cloud or better, perhaps, the finest dust or, better still, a field of magnetic impulses. The other tries to give language the weight, density, and concreteness of things, bodies, and sensations.

3. Don Quijote drives his lance at the windmills and is hoisted up in the air


Lightness for me goes with precision and determination, not with vagueness and the haphazard. Paul Valery said: One should be light like a bird, and not like a feather.

5. Newton, universal gravitation

6. Kafka, the Knight of the Bucket


...I think that the deepest rationality behind every literary operation has to be sought out in the anthropological needs to which it corresponds.
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