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中国游客真是厉害了。连小说里都有。Before he could finish his sentence, a Parisian pleasure boat ploughed past with a group of Chinese women standing by the railling under umbrellas,. They began clicking away with their cameras when they caught sight of Pari's famous floating Literary Apothecary.The pleasure boat drove brown-green dunes of water against the bank, and the book barge reeled.

想想这个场景真的很真实哎。这个Umbrellas应该是中国女士们的伞吧,我不记得塞纳河游船有阳伞。中国女士喜欢打伞。记得有次在卢森堡花园,我一个好友打着伞,过来一个老太太,说: girl, It is not raining. 我当时差点儿笑喷了。

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