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A special sign of entry into a world of different moods and smell. I remember the sound of the gravel under my feet,the soft gleam of the waxed oak staircase,I can hear the heavy front door closing behind me as I walk along the dark corridor and enter the kitchen,the only brightly lit room in the house.There was nothing special about it.But perhaps it was just the fact that it was so very much,so very naturally.

The atmosphere of this room linked with my idea of a kitchen.

How it can help me now to revive that vibrant atmosphere pervaded by the simple presence of things.

Joseph Beuys,Art Povera

I believe that they can assume a poetic quality in the can text of an architectural object,although only if the architect is able to generate a meaningful situation for them,since materials in themselves are not poetic.

Tangibility,smell,and acoustic qualities(音色)

What the use of a particular material could mean in a specific architectural context.!!!!!某种特定材料在一个特定的建筑语境中的作用是什么?

The whole that makes sense of the details.

To a large degree the quality of the finished object is determined by the quality of the joins.(构造细部的处理重点在于不同材料,构件的交界处。如何处理取决于设计者的意图以及对物质属性本身的认识。)

Every touch,every join,every joint is there in order to reinforce the idea of the quiet presence of the work.(presence 在场?呈现?)

The details establish the formal rhythm,the building's finely fractionated scale.Details are not mere decoration.They do not distract or entertain.They lead to an understanding of the whole of which they are an inherent part.

Things are not mere vehicles for an artistic message,whose presence is self-evident.

The design process is based on a constant interplay of feeling and reason.

Architecture is exposed to life.

Architecture speaks its own language.

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