The Shape of Design 8.5分
读书笔记 How and Why

- Our mistake was the same as that of the creative person who places too much focus on How to create her work, while ignoring Why she is creating it. Questions about How to do things improves craft and elevates form, but asking Why unearths a purpose and develops a point of view.

- The creative process, in essence, is an individual in dialogue with themselves and the work.

- The artist, when near, is concerned with production; when far, he enters a mode of criticism where he judges the degree of benefit (or detriment) the previous choice has had on the full arrangement.

## Craft and Analysis

- How&Why Near&Far Making&Thinking Execution&Strategy

- How enables, but Why motivates,

- Blocks spring from the imbalanced relationship of How and Why: either we have an idea, but lack the skills to execute; or we have skills, but lack a message, idea, or purpose for the work.

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