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You will still have drivers. But that’s the most unskilled job in the line. The rest of the money will flow to Uber shareholders in Silicon Valley. So a huge chunk of the Italian GDP just moved to Silicon Valley. With these platforms, the Valley has become like ancient Rome. It exerts tribute from all its provinces. The tribute is the fact that it owns these platform businesses.
The value flows to one of the places in the world that can produce tech platforms.
Fraud protection is a built-in part of the financial world we live in, which we’ve simply come to accept as the cost of doing business.
The strength of a government’s monetary system ultimately is a function of the strength of the rule of law in that country. Low-quality governments will have low-quality monetary systems.
Building an innovation-rich place like Silicon Valley requires specific cultural and labor-market characteristics that can contradict both a society’s norms and the more controlling impulses of government leaders.
To change our educational system in a way that people who go through it come up with skills that are in fact useful in a robotic and computerized and automated era.
I am utterly convinced that one of the unspoken reasons for France and Mediterranean Europe’s prolonged stagnation is the degree to which young professionals are forced to wait for decades before being given real authority or the early-stage investments necessary to start their own companies.
It is not a coincidence that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, and countless other information-age companies were started by people in their twenties—and started in the United States.
As Dan Wagner says, “I think the United States is very special in the sense that in our culture we have an appreciation for merit and the best idea in the room. And it doesn’t matter where you were born, where you’re from, the color of your skin, your age. If you have a really good idea and you present that idea reasonably and thoughtfully to a group of people, they should accept that idea, and then employ that idea as the standard. But that’s not always the case, right? But I think what people are increasingly realizing is if they don’t integrate those ideas into what they’re doing, they could be seriously in trouble, because somebody else will do it.”
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