Wheelock's Latin 9.3分
读书笔记 fourth conjugation and -io verbs of the third

Sententiae antiqvae

5. semper magno cum timore incipio dicere.

magno cum timore-ablative of manner

-I always begin to speak with great fear.

6. si me duces, musa, coronam magna cum laude capiam.

magna cum laude-abl of manner

- if lead me, musem i will take crown with great praise.

7. vive memor mortis; fugit hora

mortis-objective of gen

-live a mindful of death, time flees.

8. rapite, amici, occasionem de hora

-seize, frined, opportunity about time.

9. pauci veniunt ad senectutem

-few man come to old age

10. sed fugit, interea, fugit tempus

repeated verb: emphasis.

-but it flees, meanwhile, time flees.

11. fata viam invenient

the fate will find the way.

12. bonum virum natura, non ordo, facit

virum-stays when it doesn't need to be.

e.g. bonum virum facit-double acc

person being made and what being made.

-nature not rank make a man good.

13. obsequium parit amicos; veritas parit odium

compliance produce friends, truth produce hate.

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