When I'm Gone: A Novel 7.9分
读书笔记 When I'm gone

Ch. 1

His (Will, Luke's son) eyes were redrimmed and wet again......Luke was in the "dried-up" stage, abd it was almost worse than sobbing uncontrollably. At least when you are crying, no one makes comments about how well you are taking this or how relieved you must be that she's in "a better place." What they don't know is this: appearing okay is a lot easier than actually being okay.

contrast btwn children & adults, when adult is crying, ppl let them alone & stopped making comments on them, funny when children r crying, ppl usually w't let them alone

Grief seemed to chase away the comfort of sleep, and he longed for a night where he could drift off into a blissfully unaware dreamworld, where life was potentially weird but definitely less paralyzing. (Bleeker 11)

dreamworld, was it suppose to be paralyzing?

The letter didn't take away the hollow place inside him that burned like an essential internal organ had been removed, but it did do something else. (12)

filling it?

Lately Luke had given up on hope, finding it an utterly useless exercise that left him with nothing but bitterness. (12)

(Luke seek to find the next letter)

...someting like hope stirred inside him again. Luke picked up the fringe between his thumb and index finger rubbed it gently and whispered "thank you." (12)

Ch. 3-4

...I've noticed routine is the antidote for this chaos in our lives.

Natalie suggest Luke to go back to work

Even his world of computers and numbers, there were people there. Unavoidable, occassionally annoying, people.

refer back to Ch. 1, “people making comments"

Ch. 6

turning pt, Will finds letter about his adoption

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