End Emotional Eating 评价人数不足
读书笔记 Chapter 6 Minding your mind
Only humans can bring negative events into any seltting at any moment. You may be on a wonderful vacation, when sudden you think of a lost loved one, and experience pain. When you think about food, even when it is not in your presence, you may notice your mouth water and you may find yourself struggling in deciding whether or not to eat. In the absence of physical hunger, you may notice fantasizing about food, feel stuck on this fantasy in your mind, and go out Of your to eat.
Language and cognition are based on the capacity to relate events to eaeh other, While speaking and analyzing are often instrumental to many aspects of our lives, they may also prove detrimental. You may find yourself making arbitrary connections, and because the process of connecting is so essential to how our brains work, you may lose contact with the fact that your connections aren’t necessarily true. Yet your mind may hold on to such ideas and relationships as factual. You may decide nothing will work because your efforts so far haven’t succeeded. Simply having the thought “Nothing will work” may engender feelings of helplessness and get in the way of your pursuing behaviors to move ahead.


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