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读书笔记 Emotional Intelligence
The fact is we will never be able toexperience freedom if we are always running away from our feelings. We will never experience meaning when our chief objective is to not feel bad. Feelings arise, and when we are aware, accepting, and flexible, we are able to respond according to choice, setting a deliberate course rather than rigidly following a narrow path prescribed by our fear of feeling bad. This is the path to freedom and meaning.
In 1995, Daniel Goleman published the best—selling book Emotional Intelligence, in which he argues that awareness of one’s own emotions and the emotions of others, as well as the ability to manage emotions and impulses, influence the ways we experience our lives. He further argues that these emotion—related abilities are worth considering when we think about the concept of intelligence—that they actually constitute their own kind of intelligence. And, according to Goleman, we can increase our emotional intelligence.
Define emotion intelligence as the ability to:
1. Accurately perceive emotions in oneself and in others
2. Understand emotions and signals conveyed by emotions
3. Use emotions to enhance thinking
4. Manage emotions to achieve goals.
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