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读书笔记 Chapter 2 Accepting the idea of acceptance
Rather, entering into and accepting our emotions is the doorway to freedom and joy, as well as relief from the cycle of emotional eating. But this can be hard to hear. Even my most gracious clients shudder when I say the word “accept” in the context of emotions and eating. Who wants to accept difficult feelings or pain, or accept a weight that feels unacceptable? It can feel like I’m advising giving up. I humbly suggest that this very process, a soulful new paradigm, is the key to a new and kinder relationship with food. Diets, food plans, mixing and matching, supplementing: and depriving may temporarily help. Accepting, moment to moment, is a long term Solution Far from being painful, acceptance is a form of kindness: you acknowledge your truths and where you are in this moment of your life.

It is like relationship, you should face it instead of escaping.

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