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读书笔记 Understanding emotions and eating,
Research finds that difficulty in identifying and understanding emo- tions, as well as problems in regulating them, influences binge eating more than gender, food restriction, or overvaluing shape and weight do (Whiteside et al. 2007). When people experience emotions intensely, or have trouble identifying what their emotions actually are, they may feel that they cannot cope with their feelings and may then try to avoid the discomfort by distracting themselves with food.
You may notice that you simply jump from feeling any intense emotion to eating, thus losing contact with the emotion. This may feel like a relief at first, but it results in your missing the opportunity to experience the feeling for what it is (this is something you can practice doing, as we will see). It is inevitable that we will experience uncomfortable feelings, and Consistently avoiding them limits our ability to live both freely and wisely. Certain P601316 are more emotionally vulnerable, experiencing emotions more inteI15elY and feeling emotions for a longer time than others (Linehan 1993a). If you are emotionally vulnerable and were raised in an environ’ ment where you were not taught how to cope with feelings—or worse. were punished for showing emotions—you may have lgarned to control feelings with food.
When you experience an emotion and eat in response, you may expe- rience more of the same emotion, aswell as other emotions that arise in response to emotional eating. Eating to turn off feelings doesn't fully appease your feelings; instead it just adds more psychological (and caloric) weight to the experience. Also, if you eat in response to feelings, you often fail to appreciate the message the feelings relay. Notably, anger and sad— ness are especially related to problematic eating (e.g., Fox and Froom 2009); many people also notice they tend to eat when happy, lonely, or anxious. Eating Southern fried chicken may initially seem soothing, but overindulging in comfort foods at a time when your emotions are powerful can dampen valuable emotional information, as well as eventually lead to shame and confusion.

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