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读书笔记 The Decisive Moment
For anyone oberserving the world in order, the expression represents a sort of apogee: at one precise moment, things arrange themselves in an order that is both aesthetic and meaningful. It is a kind of photographic kairos in which there is a formal balance and at the same time a revelation of the essence of things. Cartier-Bresson himself said that it corresponded to 'the simutaneous recognition, in a fraction of second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which gives that event its proper expression.' Four years before Images à la sauvette was published, Max J. Olivier had used the term 'fertile moment' to describe Cartier-Bresson's photographs in his preface to Beautiful Jaipur.
Fertile or decisive -- both words belong to a tradition of art theorythat goes back to the German Philosopher G.E Lessing and his famous analysis of Laocoon, or the beautiful boundaries between painting and Peotry, published in 1766. According to Lessing, the genius of artists consists in perceiving and then transcribing the acme of a situation by isolating a single moment in which the narritive is entirely concentrated, while respecting the unity of place; this he refered to as the pregnant instant of fertile moment.... Cartier-Bresson's 'decisive moment' as manifested in his writing and his photographs therefore amounted to a kind of aesthetic embodiment of photographic instantaneity, marking the arrival of photography as an art form

这里澄明了decisive moments成为一种艺术形式的本质

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