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Jacintta H
The trouble with Trotsky and Lenin and Stalin and their friends, your grandfather thought, is that they tried to reorgazine the whole of life, at a stroke, out of books, books by Marx and Engels and other great thinkers like them; they may have known the libraries very well, but they didn't have any idea about life, about malice or about jealousy, envy, rishes, or gloating at others' misfortunes. Never, never will it be possible to organize life according to a book! Not our Shulhan Arukh, not Jesus of Nazareth, and not Marx's Manifesto! Never! In general, Papa always used to say to us, better a little less to organize and reorganize and a little more to help one another and maybe to forgive, too. He believed in two things, your grandpa: compassion and justice, derbaremen un gerechtigkeit. But he was of the opinion that you always have to make the connection betwen them: justice without compassion isn't justice, it's an abattoir. On the other hand, compassion without justice may be all right for Jesus but not for simple mortals who have eaten the apple of evil. That was his view: a little less organizing, a little more pity.
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