An Unquiet Mind 8.3分
读书笔记 The Wild Blue Yonder
碗 粥

The romance of reading and writing,

sometimes it was that the three of us children simply had to take Russian lessons because Russian poetry was so inexpressibly beautiful in the original.

I read a few Chinese literatures, some works by American and Japanese writers; I’ve been in love with English and European literature since adolescence, and I am currently obsessed with Russian literature.

The Arthurian tragedy explained everything there was to know about human nature—its passions, betrayals, violence, grace, and aspirations—

From the semi-western perspective of mine, it cannot be more medieval and fictional like the Romance of Roses. Quite romantic it is, but rather lack of historical foundation or true human nature.

And then, about illness

I would read the same passage over and over again only to realize that I had no memory at all for what I just had read.

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