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读书笔记 Hunter的灵感来自拉威尔的bolero,哈哈哈

For the colder, more brooding ‘Hunter’, Björk explained her bolero rhythm idea to Bell, who recorded a 909 drum part over the vocal, bassline and chords live, in one take, fitting the beats around it.

For Homogenic’s other core element, the strings, Björk had once more called on Deodato to help her transcribe and orchestrate the arrangements she’d written. ‘He’s been like a big daddy,’ she said, ‘letting me experiment with notes but still being there for me when I need him, and sometimes just completely doing it for me.’For the ‘Hunter’ strings, Deodato said in The South Bank Show, ‘we discussed maybe trying a figure such as a bolero, like Ravel’s Boléro. In the course of the recording we decided to exaggerate certain aspects of the string parts by having the strings doing sliding notes, kind of sluggish and slurring.’‘Hunter’ is of course not a true bolero (the Spanish dance is in 3/4 time, for a start), but its atmosphere has a romance, drama and sense of contained tension similar in spirit to Ravel’s work, especially in the sly, sliding menace of the cellos. In all his work on Homogenic, Deodato wrote to fit around Björk’s vocal rather than writing over the beats, keeping Homogenic’s core elements distinct. He would write out his additions on paper, focusing on bringing a ‘humanizing’ life to the songs. ‘I wanted to capture the feelings of the moment without having to worry about entering notes in the computer keyboard,’he remembers.

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