Figure Drawing for Artists 评价人数不足

What is art? It could take this whole book to answer that question. In fact, it could take a whole library—and does. Critics and theorists continuously add to the canon exploring and explaining art. Their essays are thought provoking in many ways, but their theories don’t turn us into better artists. Their theories don’t coax the pencil into making better marks.

I needed an answer that made my thumbnail sketches, life studies, comps, and finishes excellent. And more, I needed an answer that led me toward a process that spoke with one voice, one vision—one style.

Fantasy, myth, make-believe: none is true for the head. But, they are all true for the heart—and the heart is where art thrives. Art is not designed to convince the rational mind. Science handles that. Art, at its most powerful, appeals to the emotions, as mythology does.


1. No matter how fantastic the world or worldview is, it needs to be absolutely consistent. Only then, will the head relax and let the heart take control.

2. The hero (and audience) takes a journey that shows the world works through some secret, simple truth. A truth such as it’s sometimes an upside-down, absurd place we live in, or magic hides in plain sight, or, even, there’s no place like home.


This yarn says the craft of drawing the human body succeeds through only two ideas (here are two of the secret truths): gesture and structure. It says these two ideas work for the biggest parts of yourdrawing, and for the smallest.


Art is really just another language. Just as the words express concepts, the lines and tones artists make do the same.


This planet needs more creative voices.

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