Anna Karenina 8.9分
读书笔记 Part 2 XV
It was getting dark. Bright, silvery Venus, low in the west, was already shining with her tender gleam behind the birches, and high in the east the sombre Arcturus already played its red fires. Overhead Levin kept finding and losing the stars of the Great Bear. The woodcock had stopped flying; but Levin decided to wait longer, until Venus, which he could see under a birch branch, rose above it and the stars of the Great Bear showed clearly. Venus had already risen above the branch, the chariot of the Great Bear with its shaft was already quite visible in the dark blue sky, but he still waited.
‘Isn’t it time?’ said Stepan Arkadyich.
It was quiet in the forest and not a single bird moved.
‘Let’s stay longer.’
‘As you wish.’
They were now standing about fifteen paces apart.
‘Stiva!’ Levin said suddenly and unexpectedly. ‘Why don’t you tell me whether your sister-in-law got married or when she’s going to?’
Levin felt himself so firm and calm that he thought no answer could stir him. But he never expected what Stepan Arkadyich replied.

Cinematic! What a scene!

Nota Bene

They were now standing about fifteen paces apart.

and then


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