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读书笔记 Sexual Choices, Sexual Act: Foucault and Homosexuality
... the important question have, it seems to me, ist not whether a culture without restraints is poissible or even desirable, but whether the systems of constraints in which a society functions leave individuals the liberty to tranform the system. (p. 294)

Foucault on homosexua courtship:

But in western Christianity homosexuality was banished and therefore had to concentrate all its energy on the acts of sex itself. Homosexuals were not allowed to elaborate a system of courtship because the cultrual expression necessary for such an elaboration was denied them. (pp. 296-97)

Foucault on SM:

This mixture of rules and openness has the effect of intensifying sexual relations by introuducing a perpetual novelty, a perpetual tension and a perpetual uncertainty which the simple consummation of the act lacks. The idea is also to make use of every part of the body as a sexual instrument. (p. 299)

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