When Breath Becomes Air 9.0分
读书笔记 Epilogue

Most of our family and friends will have beem unaware, until the pubilcation of this book, of the maritial trouble Paul and I weathered toward the end of his residency. But I am glad Paul wrote about it. It s part of our truth, another redefinition, a piece of the struggle and redemption and meaing of Paul's life and mine. His cancer diagnosis was like a nurcracker, getting us back into the soft, nourishing meat of our marriage. We hung on to each other for his physical survisal and our emotional survival, our love stripped bare, We each joked to close friends that the secret to saving a relationship is for one person to become terminally ill. Conversely, we knew that one trick to manaing a terminal illness is to be deeply on love-- to be vulnerable, kind, generous, grateful. A few months after this diagnosis, we sang the hymn " The Servant Song" while standing side by side in a church pew, and the words vibrated with meaning as we faced uncertainity and pain together: " I will share your joy and sorrow / Till we ve seen this journey through."

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