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读书笔记 The Metamorphosis
The most terrible insight which the story conveys is that even the most beautiful relationships between individuals are based on delusions. No one knows what he or anybody else really is: Gregor's parents, for instance, have no idea of their son's serious conflict, much less of the extent of his sacrifice for them. As Kafka puts it, "His parents did not understand this so well." They have no idea that one's nature can be deformed by the continued degradation it suffers, but now that this deformation has taken on such horrible proportions they are puzzled and look at Gregor as something alien. Typically enough, "the words he uttered were no longer understandable." The concern they should have shown for him finds a perverted outlet in their preoccupation with total strangers, the three lodgers who get an enormous amount of attention simply because of the rent they pay. Finally, it is only consistent with their way of thinking that Gregor's parents should do away with the insect: pretense alone makes the world go round. Put differently, truth and life are mutually exclusive.
Gregor, for example, is mistaken about his family. He has believed it was his duty to help them pay their debts and secure a financially carefree life, and he has done this by selling his soul to the company. The truth is that his father has far more money than Gregor knows about; also, he was not nearly as sick as he has made Gregor believe. Gregor's self-chosen sacrifice has been senseless. Worse than that, the more he has done for his family, the more "they had simply got used to it." Gregor's relationship with the members of his family, and also their dealings among each other, are determined solely by the contrived order they have set tip for themselves. Their lives are based on ever-new compromises and calculations. In Gregor's "uneasy dreams," the compromises and calculations finally rupture and, from them, truth rises in the form of a "gigantic insect."
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