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all-important, life-affirming feeling of being “plugged into” or integrated into a society

They feel solitary, alone. But more often, they feel proximal and connected, part of meaningful social worlds.

The human need and desire to form intimate relationships is so strong that it happens all the time online, often without great difficulty

Events that take place in a digital environment have profound consequences for people and are inordinately, undeniably, real.

Personal accountability is generally enhanced as well when people are face-to-face with one another.

Most people utilize online connectedness to build, bolster, and give new dimension to face-to-face interactions and communities. They choose their online friends from among their offline contacts and use both mediated and face-to-face means to sustain all their relationships.

digital technology tends to be integrated and folded into the everyday life of people in tech-rich communities and societies. This can happen so seamlessly that people can forget about or ignore the technology that has mediated the experience and simply focus on the experience itself (see Floridi, 2007; Rainie, 2006; Thomas, 2006). In doing so, they gradually adapt to those new technologies that become part of their everyday lives and become used to the way that their lives have become impacted and augmented by technology (Jurgenson, 2012c)
It is because social media augments our offline lives (rather than replaces them) that research shows that Facebook users have more offline contacts, are more civically engaged.
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