The Magic of Thinking Big 8.5分
读书笔记 build confidence and destroy fear

"Most individuals I try to help," he continued, "are operat- ingtheir own private museum of mental horror. Many marriage difficulties, for example, involve the 'honeymoon monster.' The honeymoon wasn't as satisfactory as one or both of the marriage partners had hoped, but instead of burying the memory, they reflected on it hundreds of times it was a giant obstacle to successful marital relationships. They come to me as much as five or ten years later.

A person can make a mental monster out of almost any unpleasant happening," my psychologist friend went on. ''A job failure, a jilted romance, a bad investment, disappointment in the behavior of a teenage child-these are common monsters I have to help troubled people destroy."

It is clear that any negative thought, if fertilized with repeated recall, can develop into a real mind monster, breaking down confidence and paving the way to serious psychological difficulties.



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