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读书笔记 Learning to choose

I would open the menu and quickly select an item. During this first experimental stage, I was sometimes delighted, sometimes disappointed. Over time I learned to let my eyes be drawn to just the right items and to make my choice immediately. After the choice was made, I would study the menu and check out the decision. I was almost always right. Somehow I had learned to be quickly drawn directly to what I wanted and to order it with confidence that I would enjoy the result of my choice.

I asked my friend how he made his choice.

He told me he carefully studied each offering and compared every one with every other one. If the menu offered many choices, he had quite a job. He had to read everything in the menu to make sure he did not miss something he might want.

As we talked, he noticed that this was a common way he made many other choices in his life. Rather than looking di- rectly for what he wanted, he weighed all the available options.

When you attempt to avoid missing some possibility that might be a good one, you learn to be indecisive.


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